A Mobius band symbolises a perfect loop without a beginning or an end. For us, this is an ideal state, not a paradox. As a creative family business from the Ruhr District, we seamlessly synchronise brand communication with trade fairs and events as well as print and digital media. Worldwide.

In so doing, we unify all relevant skills and capacities under a single roof – from project conceptualisation, through content design and architecture all the way up to technical production and final implementation. This ability to deliver everything from a single source is not only incredibly practical, but also makes project management a lot easier for our clients. A single designated contact partner coordinates all relevant communication disciplines and organisational tasks for you. Highly effective communications for the pharmaceuticals industry have numbered among our content-related core competencies for many years.

We are a central service provider with expertise in trade fair construction and brand communications. We ensure architecture, technology, media and content are precisely tailored to suit your brand values and help you meet your sales targets. Attractively designed and relevant content helps create a long-term brand experience with a long reach and emotional appeal – the third dimension of a holistic brand presentation.

Whether it’s a matter of creating a website, an online campaign, comprehensive LIVE communications at trade fair stands or a customised app for mobile devices: we are well-versed in all digital disciplines – and their seamless implementation.

Since 2005 we've been working with body and soul in Shanghai. That is where our experienced project managers, designers and craftsmen bring trade fairs and events all over China to life for our western clients. We offer full service, from the planning of your trade-fair or event through to its realisation. We strive to make your life easier by booking your hotel and arranging transportation to recommending a good restaurant when you are on site. Rest assured, we never lose sight of the specifics and particularities unique to the Chinese market. On top of all this we are down to earth and Yi Cui, our general manager, speaks both fluent English and German.

We have been creating successful B2B brand communications with a global reach for more than 30 years. Classic brand and product campaigns that simply achieve more by utilising all available means and channels. For large international corporations as well as for major regional players.

We know the inner workings of the pharmaceuticals industry as well as the complex relationships between brands, markets and people. We will ensure that your healthcare budget is utilised to best effect. Our marketing and branding strategies are not only extremely creative, but also highly efficient.

abbott-easd-lisbon - Abbott EASD Lisbon, live-event, messebau, pharma

Abbott EASD Lisbon

Abbott EASD Lisbon, live-event, messebau, pharma

actelion-opsumit-ers-esc - Actelion Opsumit ERS Munich / ESC Barcelona

ACTELION Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Actelion Opsumit ERS Munich / ESC Barcelona

zavesca-npc-forum-2015 - Actelion - Zavesca NP-C Forum 2015

Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Zavesca NP-C Forum 2015

adco-bestofevents - Best of Events in Dortmund


Best of Events in Dortmund

alape-ish - ISH in Frankfurt, Germany


ISH in Frankfurt, Germany

alpha-trains - Transport und Logistik, Munich

Alpha Trains

Transport und Logistik, Munich

amprion - Employee Survey

Amprion GmbH

Employee Survey

amprion-exhibition-raesfeld - Permanent Exhibition

Amprion GmbH

Permanent Exhibition

arnold-andre-intertabac - InterTabac in Dortmund

Arnold André

InterTabac in Dortmund

audi-q3 - International Press Presentation of the Audi Q3


International Press Presentation of the Audi Q3

aug.-winkhaus-gmbh-security-essen - Security in Essen

Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG

Security in Essen

basf-ag-china-productworld - Brand Room “Product World”


Brand Room “Product World”

basf-china-fenestration - Fenestration in Beijing

BASF China

Fenestration in Beijing

european-capital-of-culture - Communication Campaign

European Capital of Culture

Communication Campaign

evonik-ag-deutschland-ecs2015 - Modular Exhibition Stand

Evonik AG

Modular Exhibition Stand

evonik-chinaplast - Chinaplast in Shanghai

Evonik China

Chinaplast in Shanghai

evonik-industries-ebox-app - eBox App 2.0

Evonik Industries AG

eBox App 2.0

evonik-industries-ag-hmi - HMI Messe Hannover

Evonik Industries AG

HMI Messe Hannover

evonik-röhm-gmbh - EuroShop in Düsseldorf

Evonik Röhm GmbH

EuroShop in Düsseldorf

hennecke-k-messe - K Messe Düsseldorf

Hennecke GmbH

K Messe Düsseldorf

novartis-pharma-ag-easd - EASD, Vienna, Austria

Novartis Pharma AG

EASD, Vienna, Austria

plexiglas-deutschland-chinaplast - Chinaplast, Shanghai

Plexiglas Germany

Chinaplast, Shanghai

roche-pegasys - PEGASYS AUM Amsterdam

Roche AG


roche-ag - Global brand launch MabThera

Roche AG

Global brand launch MabThera

roche-mabthera-eular - EULAR Rome, Italy, Congress Center Fiera di Roma

Roche MabThera

EULAR Rome, Italy, Congress Center Fiera di Roma

rwe-holiday-mailing - Holiday Mailing for Business Clients


Holiday Mailing for Business Clients

rwe-vertrieb-ad-campaing - Ad Campaign


Ad Campaign

rwe-eworld - eWorld in Essen


eWorld in Essen

rwe-karneval - Carnival Event for Business Clients

RWE Carnival

Carnival Event for Business Clients

rwe-netzservice-animation - Flash Animation

RWE Netzservice GmbH

Flash Animation

santa-bremor-belarus-seafood - Seafood Expo Global, Brussels

Santa Bremor, Belarus

Seafood Expo Global, Brussels

synthomer-ag-b2b - B2B Brand Communication

Synthomer Deutschland

B2B Brand Communication

synthomer-holiday-greetings - Holiday Greetings

Synthomer Germany

Holiday Greetings

synthomer-deutschland-ecs - Brand presence for main exhibition ECS

Synthomer, Germany

Brand presence for main exhibition ECS

unicblue-euroshop - EuroShop in Düsseldorf, Germany


EuroShop in Düsseldorf, Germany

vattenfall-eworld - eWorld in Essen, Germany


eWorld in Essen, Germany

vw-autostadt-gmbh-level-green - Permanent Installation “Level Green”, VW Autostadt Wolfsburg

VW Autostadt GmbH

Permanent Installation “Level Green”, VW Autostadt Wolfsburg