Daniel Filipe
Creative Director

Jakob Zopora
Head of Production Artwork & Multimedia

Andrew Markison
Art Director

Toni Gawelek

Sandra Nöllecke
Key Account Managerin

Michael Strunk
Key Account Manager

Christina Wagner
Account Managerin

Peter Scherer
Key Account Manager

Brand communication

Corporate identity, architecture, graphic design, advertising copy and print products. The diversity of communication in our digital world is virtually infinite.

Our aim is to save you having to work your way through the communication maze by providing marketing for your company that is oriented towards specific target groups. In the age of big data, social media and online marketing tools, it is becoming increasingly important not just to advertise but to be able to evaluate the success of a campaign, too!

Our core areas of expertise are

So these are the services we provide in brand communication:

  • Conception
  • Design
  • Corporate design
  • Evaluation of projects
  • Visualisation
  • Key visuals
  • Editorial
  • Classic media
  • Digital media
  • Business stationery
  • Final artwork
  • Print management
  • Photography

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Christian Poell
Head of Sales
E-Mail: sales@unicblue.com

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