“Companies Integrate Migrants”

Franz Przechowski at the “Companies Integrate Migrants” network in Berlin.

Huge commitment to the integration of migrants in SMEs – the “Companies Integrate Migrants” network has more than 1,000 member companies 

On 1 December, German Minister of Trade and Commerce Sigmar Gabriel and President of the Association of German Industries of Chamber and Commerce (DIHK) Dr. Eric Schweitzer got together with some 300 member companies and multipliers for the first meeting of the “Companies Integrate Migrants” network. They thanked the more than 1,000 member companies of the network for their great commitment to integrating migrants in the world of work.

Report by Franz Przechowski:

Gabriel gave a witty speech on the topic of integration with some sardonic remarks aimed at the Chancellor, the SPD and the CSU. His words were transparent, precise and appropriate. In particular, he expressed his respect for all companies actively involved in the training and integration of war refugees for their work and for what they have achieved to date. In contrast to the politicians and administrators in Gelsenkirchen, Berlin always gives us great recognition and praise for our social commitment – primarily demonstrated by our training supervisors and employees. I should also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their personal dedication and commitment.

01. Dez. 2016

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