“Medicine for Rojava”

UNICBLUE supports the “Medicine for Rojava” working group

The voluntary working group of the non-profit international aid organisation Solidarität International e.V. was founded in 2015. The initiative is supported by the Catholic foundation of the diocese of Münster and is made up of doctors, pharmacists and students in the area of healthcare.

Medical supplies (devices, materials, medication etc.) were collected all over Germany to help people in Syria. The aim is to ensure these people have basic medical care by providing the necessary materials for the health centre in Kobane, thereby addressing the root causes of migration.

The Gelsenkirchen-based communication and trade fair agency UNICBLUE is providing free interim storage for the working group’s generous donations until the materials can be transported to Syria. If you’re interested in helping, see here for further details: www.medizin-für-rojava.org.

01. Feb. 2017

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