Cooperation with Medienbüro Hüser

Business communication specialist UNICBLUE and the owner-managed PR agency Medienbüro Thomas Hüser have come together to form a creative alliance. “Our customers will quickly sense the added value,” say proprietors Franz Przechowski and Thomas Hüser.

In future, the Gelsenkirchen-based UNICBLUE Group will operate in collaboration with Essen-based Medienbüro Thomas Hüser. The two companies intend to cluster their expertise so as to penetrate new markets. UNICBLUE is one of the market leaders in North Rhine Westphalia in the area of strategic brand communication, trade fairs, events and digital media. Medienbüro Thomas Hüser offers PR expertise, a regional network, political contacts and successful media relations.

Advancing regional development

Both companies are firmly rooted in the Ruhr district. “The communication sector in the Ruhr district is given far too little attention as a driving force behind regional development,” says Franz Przechowski, Managing Director of UNICBLUE. “Alongside industry, we are now among the key sectors in the region. With this new alliance we aim to jointly promote greater interest and communicative strength, both within the region and beyond.”

Tapping into joint strengths

“Close dovetailing of well-connected public affairs expertise, new media, live communication and classic advertising will give customers significant added value,” says Thomas Hüser, Managing Director of Medienbüro Thomas Hüser. “In future we want to get involved at the regional level and strike out on new paths in terms of communication. We want to develop activities that are good for the Ruhr district, strengthening local communication and positioning our companies as attractive employers.” 

Cosmopolitan, locally based support for the creative sector in the Ruhr district

The close collaboration between the two companies will promote a new form of creative business based on a modern philosophy that is in tune with the times. “We are committed to the Ruhr region and while we’re well aware of its weaknesses, we fully appreciate its strengths, too. We want to look to the future and develop new ideas,” says Franz Przechowski. The managing partner of UNICBLUE founded the company himself and has run it successfully for over 30 years – based in the Ruhr region but with subsidiaries in Basel and Shanghai. As Thomas Hüser likewise explains: “The Ruhr district is our home. We have to face up to change, tap into the region's diversity and communicate it both internally and externally. As a creative alliance at the heart of the Ruhr region we will be able to achieve this through our individual networks, experience and joint motivation.”

18. Nov. 2014

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