Creative Days Gelsenkirchen

The Creative Days event in Gelsenkirchen gets off to a successful start– a great event for our city.

The Creative Days event at Ricarda-Huch-Gymnasium secondary school was a resounding success! 50 students from the Grillo-Gymnasium and RHG were thrilled by this first collaborative venture between the Insane Urban Cowboys, UNICBLUE, Ricarda-Huch-Gymnasium and the City of Gelsenkirchen (Municipal Coordination Team).

Six different workshops were organised by UNICBLUE staff, creative consultants from the Insane Urban Cowboys and Professor Liebig, lecturer in journalism at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences: the subjects were architecture, web design, media design, social media, journalism and art.

“We’re pleased to have been able to launch this important project in collaboration with the City of Gelsenkirchen, IUC and the two schools. It’s not only informative for the students – it’s also important in providing career perspectives for young people within the local area!” said Vivian Przechowski, Managing Director or UNICBLUE.

The event on 20 June was a pilot project, but in view of the thoroughly positive feedback it will definitely be repeated in the future. 


21. Jun. 2017

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