Creative Director Daniel Filipe at the ADC

From the most sophisticated ideas to everyday practice and back again! Daniel Filipe reports on the seminar “Communication in Space”.

This was the title of a discussion among 14 participants and eight top-level experts on the subject of digitalisation in a spatial context, exploring the subject from very differing points of view. How does the spatial dimension become digital, how can digital be transformed into a spatial dimension? Reports on what works and what doesn't? What is possible on a small to medium-sized budget, and how do the most varied individual solutions emerge in spite of virtually identical briefings? 

The practically-oriented seminar with the character of a workshop and including excursions in central Berlin conveyed a sound impression of where the industry is today and where things are moving. 

Our Creative Director Daniel Filipe summarises as follows: “Our healthy mixture of conception, interdisciplinary expertise and longstanding experience in spatial design is the optimum overall package in tackling upcoming challenges.”

See the link for details of speakers and topics at the Art Directors Club seminar:


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