Recognition for active integration

The Joseph Award was presented to Franz Przechowski at a small festive event on our production premises.

In the Church, Joseph symbolises work – so the industrial setting was very fitting: after all, it certainly wasn’t a formal event, not least due to the hand-made blues music provided by Thomas Erkelenz. Many flattering words were spoken at the Christian welfare associations’ award ceremony of course, but social priest Dieter Heisig demonstrated considerable verbal wit, and being the choirmaster he also motivated guests to join in the singing. The award is presented in recognition of actively embraced solidarity and protection of the world of work, so this was of course the real purpose of the event. Last year, UNICBLUE took over sponsorship of three young men from Eritrea and Guinea. Elvis Loua and Mohamed Ibrahim Seraj are being trained as carpenters and Filmon Nguse is training to be a marketing communication assistant. We should not regard the incoming migrants as a problem but as an enrichment of our society. At end of the event in Zechenstraße, staff finished by singing a traditional miners’ song – the Steigerlied – before the buffet was opened. Glück Auf.

27. Jan. 2016

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