UNICBLUE is invited to visit Sigmar Gabriel

Franz Przechowski is invited to pay a visit to Sigmar Gabriel.

Press release dated 28.11.2016

At the 1st Network Conference of the “Companies Integrate Migrants” network on 1.12.2016 in Berlin, the UNICLBUE Managing Partner from Gelsenkirchen was one of the guests invited by event initiator and sponsor Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s Minister of Trade and Commerce. The network conference aimed to strengthen the integration work being done by the initiative. Various workshops were held in which companies worked on model solutions to tackle the challenges commonly faced in day-to-day working life.

Przechowski and his company attracted public attention after taking the initiative at the start of the migrant crisis in February 2015 and taking on three young men from war zones for a dual-track training programme. The company has 65 permanent employees in Germany and provides services for large and medium-sized companies in the field of B2B brand communication. In addition to the three trainees from Africa, the company is training five other youngsters from Germany in different professions.

“Taking on young, qualified staff is the best way to enhance our company. All trainees demonstrate a high level of motivation and interest when they start their course. Over time they come up with lots of fresh ideas and stimuli during day-to-day work – and having these really bright minds makes us very competitive,” says Managing Director Przechowski. 

29. Nov. 2016

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