UNICBLUE presents Candy Shop concept

UNICBLUE presented an Old Fashion Candy Shop at this year’s German Marketing Day in Hamburg. The North Rhine Westphalian UNICBLUE Group presented its out-of-the-box concept with the subtitle “Brands, communication, life”.

The UNICBLUE Group’s Candy Shop attracted great interest at the German Marketing Day at Magnus Hall in Hamburg. Germany's marketing elite also showed an interest and insisted on joining in the game of Buzzword Bingo. Meanwhile, agency proprietor Franz Przechowski took the opportunity to publicise the UNICBLUE Group’s new corporate philosophy within the marketing community. "The vibrant communicative approach we have pursued for 30 years is currently undergoing a renaissance. Our philosophy has adapted to technological developments. The UNICBLUE Group’s portfolio attracts broad-based support.”

It was the first time in its history that the company appeared at the German Marketing Day. The Candy Shop concept enabled UNICBLUE to demonstrate its capabilities as a strong service provider for conception, production and construction of creative exhibition stands and events – an ideal partner for achieving an intelligent combination of strategic and operative brand communication. The company is unique in its capacity for conceptual storytelling as part of brand appearances at trade fairs. The small but effective example of the Candy Shop demonstrated creation and content design that were both intelligent and oriented towards specific target groups – both online and offline. With its Candy Shop concept, UNICBLUE showed that its own brand is well able to stand up to the critical appraisal of specialists, ensuring the company’s recognition as a brand communication expert in its own right. “We left an effective calling card at the German Marketing Day. We are confident that this will be reflected in new business in the medium term,” said Franz Przechowski after his visit to Hamburg.

“Our 'Old Fashioned Candy Shop' defines our brand philosophy. The experience has to be real, rich in coherent detail and plausible. Nothing is contrived. The whole ensemble ensures a first-hand, close-up and hands-on experience,” says company founder Franz Przechowski, explaining the concept of his agency which has been operating successfully on the market for more than 30 years. UNICBLUE has always been quick to grasp the key elements of communication. Technological innovation and an instinct for change in communication behaviour are characteristic of the company, which is based in Zechenstraße in Gelsenkirchen. Franz Przechowski: “We see ongoing change as a source of fresh opportunities. We are a traditional business that draws innovative ideas from the roots of a down-to-earth, family-oriented corporate culture.” UNICBLUE serves all the relevant communication channels – always injecting its work with emotion, often in a surprising way and never run-of-the-mill.

German Marketing Day 2015

The German Marketing Day is the trend day of the German Marketing Association. Under the motto “Marketing in Digital Transformation”, the who's who of marketing in Germany gets together in Hamburg on 4 December 2014 for the German Marketing Day and the presentation of the German Marketing Award. This year’s event will focus on the themes of Marketing Organisation 2.0, CMO of the future and Creativity 2.0. It is directed at an audience of marketing specialists.

12. Nov. 2014

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