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The new sport of padel is coming to Germany

Franjo Ljubas (Management Board) and Marius Rupieper (Content Management) attended the YOORNA Padel Open in Rijswijk, Netherlands from 2 to 4 December.

A report:

"Padel, that's a water sport, right?" – the question often gets asked, and we have to admit that we asked it ourselves at first. What is padel and why is everyone talking about it? As we wrote in our last article, padel is a new sport that has its roots in Mexico. It was invented in Acapulco in 1965, inspired by Don Enrique Corcuera.

The story goes that Corcuera wanted to have a tennis court built on his property but there wasn't enough space. Instead he had a smaller version built: it was a little more than one third of the size of a regular tennis court, so it fit in his grounds.

There happened to be concrete walls alongside sections of the court and rather than seeing these as an obstacle, players soon cleverly integrated them in their ball play, so Corcuera eventually had a wall built around the entire court. Since the court was smaller, he also changed some of the rules – much to the delight of his friends and acquaintances.

Padel has since become the second most popular sport in Spain, and there are 100,000 active club members in France, too. After our visit to Rijswijk we understand why: padel is more dynamic, exciting and fast-moving than virtually any other sport. It is said to be the fastest-growing sport in the world. 

We are very pleased to continue providing support for a sport such as padel (which is just as out-of-the-box as UNICBLUE itself)!


A big thank-you to Fernando Blanca Vizán of ThePadelCompany and Alex Luneman for the photographs! Here are some more photographs taken by Alex: More pictures

02. Dez. 2016

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