Vivien Przechowski: Managing Director

The family business UNICBLUE takes the next step towards succession

After taking her school-leaving certificate in the UK, Vivian Przechowski successfully completed a dual-track vocational training programme as a marketing and communication assistant in spring 2014. She was able to gain additional practical experience in the family business as a project manager. In 2015, Vivian Przechowski was appointed a member of the management board and head of human resources, controlling and operational organisation with joint power of representation. In spite of her young age, she has shown immense dedication and expertise in moving the company forward to be able to respond to future market needs.
Vivian Przechowski belongs to a generation of young, self-confident women who are excellently qualified to take up leadership positions in the corporate world – and do so with great success. In Vivian Przechowski, Gelsenkirchen and the Ruhr district have gained a young, promising entrepreneur to serve the region.

“This is a pioneering step for the future of UNICBLUE and the entire family business is immensely pleased!” said Franz Przechowski after the succession arrangement was announced internally to staff.


UNICBLUE is a Ruhr-based family business that was founded 34 years ago. With more than 70 permanent employees in Gelsenkirchen and another 18 at subsidiaries in Shanghai and Basel, UNICBLUE creates integrated B2B communication concepts for sales and brands. Customers include successful German SMEs as well as global corporations in the chemicals, pharmaceutical and medical technology sector.

UNICBLUE recently became known for its commitment to the training and integration of war refugees: the company received several awards and was honoured by the President of Germany. 

16. Jun. 2017

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