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We're pleased to report on a successful collaboration between Wirtschaftswoche and Us Together

Filmon Nguse from Eritrea has found a new professional home with the Gelsenkirchen-based company UNICBLUE – and an employer who has a history of immigration in his own family to look back on.

There are people who have a personal opinion on the subject of integration – possibly because immigration has played a part in their own life or that of their family. One such person is Franz Przechowski – proprietor of UNICBLUE, a company based in Gelsenkirchen that specialises in trade fair concepts, brand and product campaigns. "My parent's great-grandparents came to Germany from Poland as economic refugees at the end of the 19th century," says 59-year-old Przechowski. "Their home region in the east of Poland was rural at the time and very backward in terms of industrial development.

10. Jul. 2017

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