Business Gala 2017

Business Gala 2017 organised by the Gelsenkirchen Business Initiative: hosted by Vivawest.

"Gelsenkirchen – a city with a future!”: this was the title of the event, so as a Gelsenkirchen-based company we simply had to be there. The festive opening started at 7.15 pm: Lars Tottmann chaired the discussion about the future sustainability of Gelsenkirchen, with the mayor Frank Baranowski and the director of the Emscher-Lippe employer associations Michael Grütering. 

Being a creative family business based in Gelsenkirchen, we very much support Mr. Grütering’s position: “Yes, there are innovative companies in Gelsenkirchen and they are able to hold their own in the market day by day, but there are shortcomings in the soft area. Some neighbouring municipalities are further on than we are. It may be a mindset problem. People here tend to be rather negative and ask: why do we need to start something new? Why me? Why is there a need for innovation?”

As for ourselves, we will continue to view the city council with a critical eye and do everything we can to support the development of our city. We’re still positive – and we intend to remain so in the future!


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